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SNAPSHOP! 2014 Workshops

Over the course of four workshops during May 2014, students from underserved areas of Los Angeles will be exposed and instructed on a variety of different types of photographic styles and genres. During the four Saturdays of the photography workshop, students will be paired with established photographers who will impart practical, technical, and aesthetic knowledge of crafting a photographic image.

This year we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Educare, a Los Angeles based youth development after school program of Los Angeles Unified School District. In the spirit of this collaboration, the 2014 installation of SNAPSHOP! will be brought to the students of and hosted by West Adams Preparatory High School.

A special thank you to our product and catering partners: Starbucks, Einstein Bros Bagels, Chipotle, Baja Fresh, Cheesecake Factory, and others!

Snapshop! 2014 Instructors

Developing the Artist’s Voice

Shaughn Crawford

Saira Crawford

Shaughn & Saira Crawford-
| Shaughn Bio | Saira Bio


In this course students will use photography and mixed media to develop their individual and authentic voice. Each student will create imagery through three different modes of photography: still life, portraiture and landscape. Through self-reflection, exposure and experimentation; students will begin to develop their own unique vision. In each class instructors will introduce various artists, teach photographic techniques and critique student artwork.

Bridging Two Worlds: Architectural Photography
Justin Fanti

Natalie Marie Franco- Website | Bio




Throughout history, architecture has been greatly admired in the photography world, mirroring a cultural significance in our society. This course explores architectural photography on a deep level using controlled perspective with an emphasis on vertical lines, symmetry, exteriors, and interiors. Students will learn to capture historical and modern buildings utilizing the backdrop of Los Angeles. This class focuses on attaining an acute eye through shooting aesthetically pleasing representations of buildings and structures.

Going Analog with Astor Morgan

astor martin

Astor Morgan- Website | Bio




In this class Astor Morgan shares his love of creating images using digital and analog photography. Astor explores the available environments to show students how images may be found and created anywhere and everywhere. For students who own cameras, weekly at home assignments will be given.

street photography
Justin Fanti

Miki Turner- Website | Bio


My class will focus on the elements of street photography. Students will not only learn to capture the candid expressions of people and animals, but will also learn how to artistically interpret the lines of a building, the shadow of a fence on the sidewalk, the texture of a blooming flower and capture movement—whether it be with a fast or slow shutter speed. With urban L.A. as a backdrop we’ll capture these images as we explore some of the more diverse and colorful neighborhoods. We’ll go to street festivals, outdoor concerts, schoolyards and local landmarks. The goal is to not only to teach them the mechanics of photography, but also to train them to be great visual storytellers.


Snapshop! 2014 Guest Speakers

Art Streiber   Sam Comen  
Art Streiber   Sam Comen  
Michael Kirchoff   David Greenfield  
Michael Kirchoff   David Greenfield  





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